Don’t Settle for Any Settlement

With a California personal injury lawsuit, the defendant has an interest in getting the plaintiff to settle for the least amount. The defendant has an interest in getting the plaintiff to settle the case as soon as possible. The settlement Read More →

Deer v. Car Accidents

November is the busiest time of the year for car v. deer accidents. Colliding with deer is not an enjoyable experience but it is an experience that happens to the most attentive drivers. Deer-car collisions increase significantly during the fall Read More →

Accidents are not just for cars

When we speak about accidents, we typically think of a car accident. However, accidents can occur on bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and even pedestrians. Accidents of this type can even be fatal. San Francisco Police recently arrested a bicyclist after an Read More →

Rollover Accident in San Francico

On November 9, 2011, a vehicle lost control of the vehicle on the off-ramp of Interstate 280 at Mariposa Street in Potrero Hill. The driver lost control of their vehicle and crashed into a Mini Cooper at the intersection. The Read More →

Teen Drivers

Teen drivers have a higher risk of accidents than any other driver. Most likely, it is the lack of experience that heightens the risk of an accident. Since teens have less experience, they are more likely to make critical errors Read More →

Recent Slip and Fall in Case in Santa Clara, CA

In a recent California slip and fall lawsuit, the plaintiff was awarded a $750,000 settlement. The settlement was a result from a 72 year old woman who suffered injuries when she slipped and fell due to a poorly lit parking Read More →
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