Head-On Crash on Golden Gate Bridge

A head-on collision was reported at 8:11 AM near the north tower on the Marin County side of the Golden Gate Bridge December 5. The California High Patrol issued a SIG-alert at 8:22 AM and canceled it at 9:05 AM. Read More →

Chevy Volt Catching Fire

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration addressed a concern that the Chevy Volt could combust in an accident. Federal Officials have launched an investigation into the Chevy Volt due to concerns that there could be a safety defect. More specifically, Read More →

Mild brain injury creates more headaches than Severe Brain Injury?

More than ½ of a million children are admitted at the hospital every year for brain injury. Since brain injury affects so many children, there have been many studies concerning the long term effects of brain injury on a person. Read More →

Injuries at the Workplace Declined in 2010

Injuries in private workplaces have declined in 2010. However, employees are still being injured on the job. According to a recently released report from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), workplace injuries and illnesses fell in Read More →

Products liability and the iPhone

Apple, the company that we typically associate with quality products, could be facing a personal injury products liability case due to a recent incident on an airline. While on an Australian flight (Regional Express flight ZL319), a passenger’s iPhone was Read More →

Dog Bite Cases in California

California has special rules with Dog bite cases that are not the same as many other states. In California, with a dog bite personal injury case, there is no “One Bite” rule. Many other states legislation stipulate that there is Read More →
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