California products liability attorneys at the Ginny Walia law offices handle all types of products liability cases. Products liability refers to issues that arise when a consumer purchases a product that is not safe for a number of reasons. Common issues with products liability are when automobile seat belts fail to operate, when air bags do not deploy as anticipated, when car roofs crush occupants, when gas tanks catch on fire, when a chair fails to hold a person, or even when power tools fail.

The list of potential product liability defects are endless and your case can be analyzed by a products liability attorney at the Ginny Walia law offices. The products that fail can often lead to serious bodily injury or even death.

Products liability law holds the designers, manufacturers, and suppliers liable if they send a product out in the chain of commerce and that product harms another party. The purpose of these laws is to safeguard purchasers of products from harm. Thus, the party which places a product in the stream of commerce is liable for any defects in the product.


One of the theories that can be used to establish a claim of products liability is negligence. Negligence is established when there is a duty, the duty is breached, there is causation, and damages. A manufacturer must exercise reasonable care in sending the product to the market.

Breach of warranty

Another theory that can be used to establish a claim of products liability is breach of warranty. This theory is rooted in contract law. When a consumer or user of a product purchases that product, the product comes with warranties attached. When these warranties are breached and a party is injured, the injured party may recover in a suit. Many products will contain a disclaimer which may change or modify the warranties.

It is important to contact a California products liability attorney for a better understanding of your legal rights and causes of action. The attorneys at the Ginny Walia law offices can help you with your California products liability lawsuit.

Strict products liability

Strict products liability is established law in California. This theory states that the consumer or user of a product does not have to prove that the seller or manufacturer was negligent or that they breached some warranty. Rather, a claim in strict products liability will prevail so long as the injured party can show that the product was defective, the defect existed before the product left the manufacturer, and the defect was the cause of the injuries to the victim. If you believe that you have a strict liability case, you should speak with a California strict products liability attorney.

Design defects

The attorneys at the Ginny Walia law offices are experienced in California design defects cases. To prevail on an action for a design defect the injured party must prove that the product was designed in a way that is defective and caused harm. This occurs before the product is ever manufactured. The defect must be foreseeable and there has to be another design that could have been implemented reducing the risk without altering the functionality.

Manufacturing defect

A manufacturing defect occurs when there are problems during the manufacturing (production) of the product. More specifically, a cause of action exists if the product comes off the assembly line in a defective or dangerous manner which is different from the other products that came off the same assembly line. The manufacturer and seller may be liable for sending a defective product into the market and as a result a consumer or bystander is injured.

Failure to Warn

Failure to warn is a cause of action that can be brought if the manufacturer or seller of a product fails to warn the consumer of a danger that the product contains. This means that the product should have had a warning label or a notice to the consumer but none was existent. Further, because of this lack of warning, a consumer was injured by the product.

Selecting an accident attorney:

It is important that the lawyer you hire is experienced and capable of navigating the state and federal laws and regulations governing all types of products liability cases, and that your attorney can determine if violation of those laws caused your injuries or made your injuries or other damages worse. It is very important for a personal injury lawyer handling these cases to ensure that all potential sources of compensation are pursued.

No fees until you win:

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or death of a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is saving money to pay for a products liability attorney. Accordingly, the Ginny Walia Law Offices handle cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you do not recover, then you will not be charged for any legal fees. Our fee structure is based on a percentage of the amount that we obtain for you. Further, we will work with you to settle your case.

Our personal injury attorneys will never settle your case without your authorization. California personal injury lawyers at Ginny Walia Law Offices will do everything possible to settle your bicycle accident case out of court without the delay of a full trial.

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