Have you been injured by a dog bite?

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In California, dog bites result in a great number of fatalities. Insurance companies pay millions of dollars every year for cases involving dog bite injuries and other animal bite injuries.

Who is attacked by dogs?

The lawyers at Ginny Walia Law Offices understand that dogs can attack anybody at any time. However, most of the victims of dog attacks are children. Children are often the target of dog bites because they are loud and attract the attention of animals. In addition, the small size of children do not threaten dogs. Children dog bites are an unfortunate event and our attorneys understand the complexity and emotional trauma that underlies children dog bites.

Dog breeds

The statistics overwhelming prove that certain dogs are more violent than others. This may be due to the dogs breed or the way that the dog is raised. In any event, the California dog bite attorneys at Ginny Walia Law Offices understand that certain breeds are more prone to attacks. These breeds are Alaskan Malamute, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Husky, and Pit Bulls. In fact, pit bulls are responsible for twice as many attacks than any other breed accounting for half of all California dog bite injuries leading to a California dog bite lawsuit.

Dog bite law in California

To win a California dog bite lawsuit, it is not necessary to prove that the dog was violent or that the dog had a history of biting others. Under Civil code section 3342, one bite alone is enough to bring a lawsuit. To win a California dog bite case the injured party has to show that the person he is suing for the dog bite was the owner, the injured party was in a lawful location, and the dog bite caused injuries to the victim.

How to win a dog bite lawsuit

The California dog bite attorneys at the Ginny Walia Law Offices understand how to successfully prosecute the owner of a vicious dog. It is important to save any evidence of the dog bite. Evidence can be torn clothes, photographs, statements from any witnesses, the identity of the dog, the location of the attack, or anything to establish how severe the injuries are.

The quicker the evidence is gathered, the better your chances of success in a California dog bite case. The dog bite attorneys at Ginny WaliaLaw Offices will also employ investigators to take photographs, conduct witness interviews, and fight for your right to be compensated for your dog bite injuries.

Act Quick

Personal injury cases, including dog bite injury cases, have strict time limitations within which to file your claim or lawsuit. We have 5 different locations in the bay area to meet you and can also make special arrangements for an attorney meeting at a hospital or your home in certain cases. Contact us today to protect your rights.

What compensation can be recovered in a Dog bite accident?

A California dog bite attorney can help you determine the types and amounts of damages to which you may be entitled. The amount and type of damage will depend on all of the circumstances regarding the dog bite. Calculation of damages from the dog bite depends on a multitude of factors such as the injuries sustained, the injured party’s current earnings and potential future earning, marital status and dependents, the extent of the injuries and the amount for all medical expenses in the past as well as present. It is in your best interests to contact a dog bite attorney to determine your potential recovery.

Selecting an accident attorney:

Every year, there are millions of dog-bite attacks. Every state has different laws regarding dog bites. However, California dog bite law follows the strict liability theory and a victim can recover damages from the person whose negligence causes the attack. Additionally, a victim can recover from a person who violates any leash laws or someone that keeps a dog with a history of biting or attacking people.

If a dog has bitten in the past, it is extremely irresponsible for the dog owner to allow that dog to come in contact with general public. Statistics show that if a dog has bitten in the past, it is much more likely to bite again. Therefore, if an individual is hurt by a dog that has bitten before and the owner has knowledge of it, the owner should be held accountable for his negligence.

It is important that the lawyer you hire is experienced and capable of navigating the state, local, and federal laws and regulations governing dog bites, and that your attorney can determine if violation of those laws caused your injuries or made your injuries worse. It is very important for a lawyer handling these cases to ensure that all potential sources of compensation are pursued, whether fault lies with the dog’s owner or a third party.

No fees until you win:

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or death of a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is saving money to pay for a California dog bite attorney. Accordingly, the Ginny Walia Law Offices handle cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you do not recover, then you will not be charged for any legal fees. Our fee structure is based on a percentage of the amount that we obtain for you. Further, we will work with you to settle your case.

Our personal injury attorneys will never settle your case without your authorization. California personal injury lawyers at Ginny WaliaLaw Offices will do everything possible to settle your California dog bite case out of court without the delay of a full trial.

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